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Roy "Chubby" Brown Tell us one we Know (New Edition 2021) e-book Kindle Version - The Celebrity Gift Company

Roy "Chubby" Brown Tell us one we Know (New Edition 2021) e-book Kindle Version

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Tell us one we Know e-book Kindle Version

Other version available for all devices on Google Play:

Roy "Chubby" Brown Tell us one we Know (New Edition 2021) e-book by Roy Chubby Brown and George Proudman – Books on Google Play 


          Hi there everyone. Since realising that we are living in the 21st century after all, we thought we should try and ditch our technophobe image and bring out an e-book version of Tell us one we Know.


                    It’s very likely that the chap who originally uttered those immortal words, “can you ‘Tell us one we Know’...” so many years ago in that Northern Club will probably be turning in his grave right now muttering, ‘What the f***k’s an e-book?’, but all the same, it has to be done.

                   Our books are generally prescribed by medics for the cure of acute insomnia, so we’ve replaced the dark dinghy front cover from the original version with a brightly coloured new one, in the hope that if you start to nod off while reading, you can just flick back to the front of the book for it to shock you into waking up again. 

                   It also gave us the opportunity to tidy it up somewhat by putting the full stops and the commas in the right places; we got someone else to do that bit.

                   With our e-book being more environmentally friendly, no trees to chop down, and therefore our small contribution to saving the planet, we would like to think that you feel compelled to buy one.

                   If you haven’t already read ‘Tell us one we Know’, it’s a collection of stories that had been missed out of previous publications, filling in some gaps and looking behind the scenes of the comedy genius Roy Chubby Brown.

                   If you have read the paperback, please have another look at the e-book version to hopefully convince yourself that we aren’t really as thick as you originally thought we was, err sorry, were.

                   Either way there’s some funny stories of being on the road, a bit of history and a few of those just ‘getting it off me chest’ moments…. something for everybody, all accessible from the comfort of your own phone.

 Hope you enjoy the read as much as we did doing it all over again.